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  • 04/23/2013 by Ms Megan Flynn

    It is no surprise to hear that the printing industry is evolving in the general direction of integrated services and products. If you are like most, your company is already a part of this growing segment. Printing Industries of America wanted clearer insight into this market in preparation for the Integrated Print Forum 2013, so we turned to our ownEconomic and Market Research department.  

    In early 2013, the Economic and Market Research department conducted a survey to address the demands in different markets within the printing industry. The results provide an insightful look into the most current demands for these markets—Web-to-print eCommerce branded storefronts and integrated marketing services ranked among the top 10.

    The Results

    The survey confirms that integrated print market demands are increasing exponentially, with many of these markets reporting the biggest sales...

  • 04/23/2013 by Mr Samuel G. Shea

    Josh Boland

    In our continuing series of blog posts featuring recipients of monetary awards from the Print and Graphic Scholarship Foundation (PGSF), today we profile Josh Boland, a senior with a bright future who will soon be graduating from Clemson University.

    Josh spoke with us about his focus in the graphic arts industry, interesting projects he has completed at Clemson, and his thoughts on the future of the printing industry.

    1. What area of the graphic arts do you consider your...

  • 04/22/2013 by Ms Megan Flynn

    We know that a printing organization needs far much more to operate successfully than just printing equipment. It also needs people with creative, business-savvy minds to sell the products. You may not know that Printing Industries of America offers many resources, like great publications, that go beyond technical printing aspects. A number of these resources are tailored specifically toward Sales and Marketing professionals to help integrate print and new media and grow their profit potential.

    If you have not discovered the group yet, look to Sales and Marketing Executives (S&ME). Through S&ME, you will find plenty of resources to promote, connect, and learn.  

    Join our Updated Networking Listserv

    Will my idea sell? If you have ever wanted to pick some of the creative minds out there, join the Sales and Marketing Executive listserv. We have revamped the system, so it is easier to network with peers. Just...

  • 04/18/2013 by Ms Megan Flynn

    It is no secret that the most successful companies are employing automation to cut costs and increase efficiency. You can read about it, and you can listen to presentations on it. But how would you like to actually experience it?

    The next Automation Solutions Network Meeting features a tour of Creel Printing, which recently acquired another industry leader, Digital Lizard. You have probably heard of these companies, but in case you haven’t, we’ll give you some of the reasons this is a plant tour you don’t want to miss.

    Full-Service, Award-Winning Facility

    Creel has a 300,000-square-foot facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, operating 24/7 and providing a full range of services, including pre-media, printing, binding, mailing, distribution, and fulfillment. For more than 50 years they have been earning industry accolades, producing high-quality products, and...

  • 04/16/2013 by Ms Megan Flynn

    If you’ve seen promotions about our upcoming Optimizing Digital Color from Your Digital Press workshop and wondered how this training would benefit you on the job, take a lesson from the Publications team here at Printing Industries of America. We recently got some firsthand experience with how color reproduction changes when a job shifts from the offset press to the digital press, and our best resource was workshop leader Dave Dezzutti.

    So, how did we get there and what did we learn from the experience?

    In the past, at Printing Industries Press we have always produced our color-related titles on a lithographic press because accurate color reproduction is critical when discussing the science and control of color. But over the years most of our titles have migrated to digital short-run production, and our most recent book, Color Printing Excellence, made that transition to digital printing as well.

    Knowing it would be printed on the...

  • 04/15/2013 by Ms Megan Flynn

    We rely on a lot of business products in our industry: papers, inks, presses, computers, and lots of material elements! But one component supersedes technologies—great employees.

    The best companies in the industry recognize their importance with devoted Human Relations Managers investing in their employees, hiring and retaining skilled professionals who, according to countless studies, perform better and stay longer with their company. Every day hard-working people are adding greater value to their organizations. They are the faces and personalities behind the products, contributing their skills and passion for their work.

    These are the companies who enter the Best Workplaces in the Americas competition from Printing Industries of America.

    Here are some winning examples of sound HR practices:

    “Communication meetings are held on a monthly basis by the Senior Management Team. The plant is...

  • 04/10/2013 by Mr Joseph B. Marin

    Just as a pilot performs a number of system checks on the airplane before take off, it’s important to make sure that a print project doesn’t contain any serious errors that will prevent it from printing successfully. Preflighting for print production is about examining all of the components that make up an eventual printed piece and comparing them against a checklist of potential known issues. If they “pass” the check, the job can move forward in the print production workflow. If they “fail,” something has to be done to correct the problem before proceeding. It is by default a methodical task that is typically performed by prepress personnel (no one wants to reprint a job because an error wasn’t found in time), but designers should also preflight their work before they send it off to their printers.

    Software tools and a checklist are both critical to the preflighting process. Some of the things that a typical...

  • 04/03/2013 by Mr Samuel G. Shea

    Nick Gawreluk

    In our continuing series of blog posts featuring recipients of monetary awards from the Print and Graphic Scholarship Foundation (PGSF), today we profile Nick Gawreluk, an enterprising student at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

    Nick, who has already done extensive internship work with Heidelberg, spoke with us about his focus in the graphic arts industry, interesting projects he has completed at RIT, and his thoughts on the future of the...

  • 04/01/2013 by Ms Megan Flynn

    From automated tellers to radiology, information technology is helping to automate the delivery of products and services. It’s no different with print—automating the print production process creates greater efficiency and less waste. It is also making many printers more profitable.

    In fact, Printing Industries of America Ratios studies have shown that about 25% of printers make 100% of the profit in the industry. One thing that these high-earning companies have in common is that they replace much of their labor with automation.

    Would you like to say that you can have a job on press in less than 10 minutes from its order time? Or how would you like to guarantee your customers that their jobs will ship the same day if the order is placed in the morning? If you have an automation strategy, there are plenty of benefits. But before you begin, you need the right education.

    Find the tools to help you learn how to implement an automated system. Printing...

  • 03/27/2013 by Mr Samuel G. Shea

    Jason Falls

    Jason Falls is a leading digital strategist, author, speaker, and thinker in the digital and social media marketing industry. He leads digital strategy for CafePress, a publicly-traded internet retailer consistently ranked as one of the top online shopping destinations. He also continues to serve as founder and chief instigator at, an industry-leading blog and digital marketing agency.

     Jason will be speaking at the...