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  • 10/29/2015

    The following article was written by Joseph Polanco, President, Printing & Imaging Association of MidAmerica

    If you were to walk into the production areas of several printers anywhere in North America, you would undoubtedly observe something they all have in common. No, it’s not the equipment. Nor is it the facility design. It’s the average age of their employees. Look at the press operators, the skilled bindery technicians, and yes, even the prepress techs. Odds are you won’t see many under 30, or for that matter under 45.

    How did this happen—and more importantly—what does this mean for our future? Regardless of what the “tekkies” are saying, digital print is not going to replace all of our offset presses, and inline finishing isn’t going to replace our needs to bind and finish offline.

    The printing industry has always been a craft industry. One learned through a formal apprenticeship (when there were trade unions) or on‐the‐job...

  • 10/26/2015

    When met with a hard business decision, the safe route is to stick with what we know. With years of previous evidence suggesting your current path leads to financial stability, why would you need to change your plans now? Safety does equal security after all—or does it?

    Take Kodak, for example. According to Jeffrey Hayzlett, primetime television and radio host, former Fortune 100 CMO, and 2016 President’s Conference keynote speaker, when Kodak tried to play it safe in 1975 by dismissing digital camera inventor Steven Sasson, they made the worst business decision of their history.

    “They had...

  • 10/12/2015

    The following post was submitted by Color 2015 sponsor, GTI Graphic Technology, Inc.

    What do a photographer, commercial printer, and sign printer have in common? They all have a need to accurately communicate color. When they carry out this objective consistently and accurately, they are providing a high level of value to their clients and increasing the efficiency of their business.

    Reproducing color accurately is a complicated process, especially when different substrates, technologies, and production facilities are involved. To help ensure that accuracy is achieved, viewing comparisons across the supply chain should be made in viewing conditions that comply with the ISO 3664:2009 standard.

    ISO 3664:2009 is the international color viewing standard for the graphic technology and photography industries. It is a set of specifications that enables lighting engineers and manufacturers to design, test, and certify their color viewing...

  • 10/09/2015

    Are you ready for International Print Day? Started for the first time last year, this International Print Day aims to create a global 24-hour phenomenon in which social media highlights the creativity, importance, and power of print and paper. During the inaugural celebration last year, 8,683 Tweets were delivered to 23,023,968 timelines with 1,271 contributors. That’s a lot of print related information shared around the world!

    Deborah Corn, Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at, is the driving force behind International Print Day. We chatted about this year’s efforts and what we hope printers will gain from participating in the movement.


    PIA: We love this year’s theme for...

  • 09/28/2015

    From the Super Bowl to the super market, bluemedia and its president, Jared Smith, cover it all. And we also mean that literally—they also produce and install wraps on buildings, race cars, and fleet vehicles

    The next project Jared will cover is Color 2015, December 5–8 in Phoenix, AZ. We caught up with him to talk about his session and find out just how bluemedia has earned its place as one of the top printers for Super Bowl L. (Any chance you can score us some tickets, Jared?)


    PIA: You work with some big-name clients, like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Coke, ESPN, NASCAR and NHRA to name a few… What are the top challenges you’ve faced in delivering their products?

    JS: We’ve learned that our job can have no plan B. We must be proactively prepared—ridiculously prepared—to get the job right the first time.

    When we are working on a building wrap, the scene might include...

  • 08/13/2015

    Life moves fast. Who has time for print? One new campaign is suggesting we all do—even if we aren’t aware of it.

    Paper and packaging has been in competition with other media forms for quite some time now. Within our industry we know that printed paper and packaging products are viable and sustainable. But the real problem is convincing our customers of that.

    It comes down to general perceptions. Kids, instead of coloring in a coloring book, would rather play video games on tablets. Sports fans would rather download a virtual game ticket. Vacationers would rather take their e-book to the beach.

    But what if we could change these perceptions? What if we could show people that print and packaging products are actually a significant part of their daily lives?

    Last week we posted about what effects the “Paper and Packaging—How Life UnfoldsTM” campaign may have on our industry...

  • 08/12/2015


    The postpress industry has seen plenty of transformation in recent years. Lucky for you that means plenty more opportunities for profit.

    But the problem isn’t knowing where you want your business to go, it’s how you’re going to get it there. Here are some of the tricks you can employ when you’re reaching for those higher profits.


    1. Go Lean
    Think about how you get ready each morning. Most of us have a system: 1) Coffee, 2) Get dressed, 3) Another coffee, and so on. Your system works. It gets you to your goal of being out the door on time (at least most days) and where you need to be.

    Now you probably didn’t spend the time analyzing your...

  • 08/07/2015 by Mr Michael Duvall

    Who are the next industry game changers? Jim Workman, assistant vice president, Center for Technology and Research, tells you where you can find complete details on this year’s InterTech Award recipients.

    Attendees visiting Printing Industries of America’s booth #3802 at GRAPH EXPO 15 will be able to learn more about the ten technologies receiving the prestigious 2015 InterTech™ Technology Award.

    Read the press release announcing the 2015 InterTech Technology Awards here.

    The “Forecast Part 2, Midyear Update” issue of Printing Industries of America: The Magazine will be distributed at the booth and devotes 34 pages to the innovative technologies nominated and selected for an InterTech Award....

  • 07/29/2015

    Letters to loved ones overseas, a box of your favorite treats, tickets to the big game—what do these all have in common?

    They’re a few of the paper and packaging products that bring tangible, memorable substance to our lives. And they’re the subject of a new national public awareness campaign supporting the value of print, Paper and Packaging—How Life UnfoldsTM.

    Released July 8 by the Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB), the campaign follows the model of other popular industry check-offs like “Got Milk?,” “Pork. The Other White Meat,” and “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner,” which are produced through government-sanctioned fees collected from the respective industries. Print, commercial...

  • 07/15/2015

    Remember when sending a client a physical proof of a print job was a chargeable service? That seems to have disappeared when we went to electronic distribution and suddenly clients started expecting a free emailed PDF proof. Many challenges arose with this system due to color inconsistency, productivity loss due to multiple revisions, etc.

    Today’s soft proofing systems offer convenient sharing, color accuracy thanks to screen calibration, automation, enhanced project monitoring, and other benefits that improve your workflow and reduce costs.

    How can you implement a system like this in your business? Here we spoke with Dan Caldwell, President of Remote Director, on the latest soft proofing innovations and how they can be the solution you’ve been looking for.

    Want a preview? Before you read this take a guided tour of Remote Director.