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  • 02/03/2017

    Attention, printers—it’s OSHA 300 Log(s) season! Now is the time to make sure you complete the steps below!

    1. Review the 2016 OSHA 300 Log to verify it contains accurate entries for all recordable injuries and illnesses that occurred throughout the year. Make any additions or corrections necessary to ensure accuracy.
    2. Verify that each injury and illness recorded on the 300 Log is accurately recorded on a corresponding 301 Incident Report Form (or an equivalent form).
    3. Total the columns on the OSHA 300 Log (if you had no recordable cases, enter zeros for each column total) and on Form 300A.
    4. Enter the calendar year covered, the company's name, establishment name, establishment address, annual average number of employees covered by the OSHA 300 Log, and the total hours worked by all employees covered by the OSHA 300 Log.
    5. Transpose the column total numbers from the 300 Log over to the 300A Summary Form.

    After verifying the...