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  • 05/20/2015

    What factors make a company a top place to work? This is an important question considering the average time an employee stays in a job is only about 4.5 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    To employers this means more time and resources spent toward recruiting and training new employees. People leave jobs for a number of reasons, including poor management practices (“I can’t get along with my boss”) and lack of motivation and engagement. But there are also many practices you can implement to make them want to work for your company and be a more satisfied, productive employee.

    We’ve compiled key stats from the print and graphic arts industry’s top workplaces. Based on data provided by the 2014 winners of the Best Workplace in the Americas program, we can say that 69.6% recognize employees and have an average voluntary turnover rate of just over 7%.

    Take a...

  • 03/31/2015

    This post was contributed by Ricardo Roman, VP of Strategic Alliances and Caliper Sports, Caliper. For more information about the National Buying Power Program with Caliper, visit

    Managers and leaders share many similar qualities, but the performance of a manager carries far fewer risks than the performance of a leader. In addition, there seems to be a difference in the underlying motivational characteristics of these two groups.

    In a recent Caliper study, more than 300 presidents and chief executive officers told us what they considered to be the most important—and the most difficult aspects—of being a leader. Among the choices we asked them to rank were:

    • Creating the right vision
    • Getting people to embrace that vision
    • Maintaining momentum (motivating, influencing, and persuading others)
    • ...
  • 09/10/2014

    It’s a bright July morning, and a gathering of leaders in education, graphic arts, history, and environmentalism are convening in the beautiful, treasured venue of the Melbert B. Cary Collection housed at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), home of the School of Media Sciences, to recognize a true visionary, Dr. Laura Thompson.

    Bridging time-honored tradition and innovative environmental stewardship, this is a significant event for the printing industry; not only because of the proud, highly deserving award recipient standing here today, but also because of her pioneering work to make the paper industry, and thus the printing industry, more environmentally friendly.

    Due Recognition

    Laura Thompson, Ph.D , Director, Technical Marketing and Sustainable Development, Sappi Fine Paper North America,  is the recipient of the 2013 William...

  • 08/19/2014

    Most business owners and HR professionals know that a diversified workplace has significant benefits, and gender diversity is critical. But do you know that the diversity of your firm compared to your competitors can affect your overall business success?

    If you are a woman in this industry or thinking about entering, you’ll want to read this.

    Having more women in key leadership roles isn’t just a good HR policy; it’s also directly related to the success of your business, according to a recent study from DDI and The Conference Board, titled The Global Leadership Forecast (GLF) 2014 | 2015, Ready-Now Leaders: Meeting Tomorrow’s Business Challenges.

    The study examined 13,124 global leaders and 1,528 human resource executives representing 32 different industries from 48 countries. Of the 2,031 participating...

  • 06/10/2014

    From solid management practices to financial security to work-life balance, there are considerable elements that go into creating a successful, profitable workplace environment. Although each company is different, the industry’s Best Workplaces do share distinctive commonalities.

    The parallels allow these companies to recruit and retain qualified workers—people who are more satisfied with their jobs and, therefore, more productive and efficient. Greater efficiency leads to increased profitability and a greater competitive edge. 

    What if you could get behind the scenes and see what these leading companies are doing? How competitive are their wages and benefits? How do they handle health care issues? What employee training methods do they use...

  • 04/04/2014

    Today, many companies employ more diverse workforces. Do you have the up-to-date Form I-9 to prove that every employee in your firm is identified and verified to work in the U.S.?

    If not, your company could face serious fines. HR professionals and business owners may know that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has recently stepped up employer audits, and two printing firms have already been targeted this year. Luckily, the firms received advance notice from ICE about the audit and contacted Printing Industries’ Human Relations Department for help.   

    Every day many companies are receiving an audit notification, or Notice of Inspection (NOI), from the ICE. When you receive this notice, you have only three days to produce the Forms I-9.

    If you are unsure if your firm is prepared for ICE, read on!


  • 01/14/2014

    Why is employee recognition important? It’s one of the most powerful recruiting and retaining tool. The Department of Labor reports that a reason why 64% of employees leave their job is because they are not recognized. So if you want to know the true measure of a company, simply count its number of satisfied employees!

    More graphic arts companies of all sizes are learning the value of putting their people first. When firms recognize employees for their achievements, their employees:

    • Develop a clearer understanding of company goals.
    • Are more engaged, productive, and motivated.
    • Stay longer with their company.

    Are you struggling to come up with new ideas for employee incentives, or trying to get your incentive program up and running? We’ve put together this list of 10 inspiring ways to reward your employees that are low cost and...

  • 04/15/2013

    We rely on a lot of business products in our industry: papers, inks, presses, computers, and lots of material elements! But one component supersedes technologies—great employees.

    The best companies in the industry recognize their importance with devoted Human Relations Managers investing in their employees, hiring and retaining skilled professionals who, according to countless studies, perform better and stay longer with their company. Every day hard-working people are adding greater value to their organizations. They are the faces and personalities behind the products, contributing their skills and passion for their work.

    These are the companies who enter the Best Workplaces in the Americas competition from Printing Industries of America.

    Here are some winning examples of sound HR practices:

    “Communication meetings are held on a monthly basis by the Senior Management Team. The plant is...

  • 10/02/2012

    The facts are clear: employees are happier and more financially secure when their company is truly invested in them. Is your workplace invested in its employees? It’s time to find out!

    If you have a great workplace, now is the time to showcase what you have done for your employees by entering the 2012 Best Workplace in the Americas Program. Please send your entry through a traceable means.

    Visit to download the entry form. You will need:

    • A brief summary statement—highlighting why your company is a Best Workplace
    • Employee Handbook (required)
    • Supporting Materials (optional)—anything that you think would help the judges understand your HR policies and practices. Items may include, but are not limited to:...
  • 05/03/2011

    We created a few Premier Print Awards videos to better showcase the effect that the competition can have on business. In the video below, we have past winners from Jostens and Hoechstetter discussing what winning a Benny Award means to them and how it has impacted their business.  Enjoy the video and if you have any questions about the Premier Print Awards ask them in the comments and we'll be more than happy to answer them.