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  • 04/17/2014


    No one ever said change was easy. But that’s never stopped you in the past, has it? Those of us in the printing industry have always had to learn new technologies, incorporate new equipment, and provide new services to our clients. Change and learning are part of our DNA!

    Another industry experiencing major change is education, where there is a significant growth trend in online learning. You may have heard about more and more college students taking virtual classes, while some are even earning their degrees entirely online—amazing! This trend is also very evident in employee education.

    Today, eLearning is a $56.2 billion business and is expected to grow to over $100 billion by 2015. In fact 40% of Fortune 500 companies are turning away from traditional...

  • 03/18/2014

    This blog post was contributed by ASI. For more information on the ASI Buying Power Program or any of the Buying Power Programs at Printing Industries of America, visit

    Promotional Products: An Affair to Remember

    Promotional products are globally recognized as a powerful part of brand reinforcement, and advertisers can’t get enough.

    A Love Story: The Advertiser & the Promotional Product

    Did you know that 86% of those who own promotional products remember the advertiser? On average, people in the U...

  • 03/11/2014

    The PPLUS Global Logistics Team is excited to be a part of the Printing Industries of America Buying Power Program. We have seen great success in the first year of the program and enjoyed the opportunity to attend PRINT 13 last fall to meet current customers and gain many new contacts.

    In the new year, we have added many new carriers to our database. We are adding new carriers on a daily basis at all locations across the country with enhanced service, added coverage, and aggressively reduced rates. To strengthen the relationship with Printing Industries of America and its affiliates, the PPLUS Team has negotiated for no rate increase this year, which is extremely beneficial to you as members and frequent shippers.       

     At the end of last year, our...

  • 03/03/2014

    For more than 60 years, there’s been one merit held in the highest esteem from industry pros from around the world. We call him the “Benny,” and Premier Print Award winners recognize it as a golden key to open new business doors.

    The 2014 Premier Print Awards competition is now open. With close to 3,000 entries in 2013, the competition is fierce, but the rewards are plenty. The 112 Best of Category winners, 279 Award of Recognition honorees, 855 Certificates Certificate of Merit recipients, and 4 Best of Show award winners are set to leverage their success and set themselves apart from competitors.

    But first things...

  • 11/26/2013

    The following blog post has been contributed by Patrick Sweeney, President, Caliper.

    Leadership is constantly evolving, whether it’s how to strategically lead a business into the future or how to innovate in a digital world that is changing by the second. But there is one facet of leadership that remains the same—the importance of being inspirational.

    Employees are what drive a company forward, and if they aren’t inspired or they don’t feel motivated by their leadership, both leaders and their companies will ultimately miss the mark.

    An inspirational leader starts by listening, then engaging, and then developing their people.


    Listening is the key to truly connecting with employees. And from listening, trust develops. Leaders have to take a moment to step outside their own roles and understand what it is that...

  • 10/01/2013

    It’s a positive sight to see all of the 2013-14 Print and Graphic Scholarship (PGSF) recipients, and we wish them the best of luck in their education and future careers! Did you know that since 1956 recipients like them have been making significant impacts as industry professionals? And PGSF is still pushing forward to give more print and graphic arts students an education upon which they can build thriving careers.

    We caught up with Joseph Schember of Mohawk Paper, a former PGSF Scholarship recipient who’s just joined the new PGSF Board of Directors. Here he talks about his experience as a student recipient and now as an accomplished industry professional. Joe was excited to share his story and eager to leverage his new role as a board...

  • 06/26/2013

    This is a guest blog post from John Conley, Vice President Commercial Print and Publishing at Xerox Corporation. For more information about the National Buying Programs available to members through Printing Industries of America affiliates, visit

    We are all faced with having to deal with the fast pace of change brought about by advances in technology.  This is particularly true in the graphic arts, where we see content providers, equipment vendors, and service suppliers making changes to their product lines and service offerings and developing or using new technology. 

    In the past only large companies had the scale and bandwidth to take advantage of these changes, but organizations like Printing Industries of America have helped to bring the  economic advantages of a large printer to small- and medium-size print service providers through programs like the Printing...

  • 05/01/2013

    We look at print differently today. Each piece produced is valuable, and attention to detail is critical. You can say that it transcends the physical product and becomes a greater symbol of what our industry is capable of achieving.  

    This makes the Premier Print Awards  competition even more pertinent. It celebrates outstanding achievements and recognizes companies’ work on a world stage. The chances that it offers companies, both large and small, from every corner of the earth, to showcase their finest printed pieces have become the annual target for many businesses.

    If you are like many printing companies, you have produced some award-worthy printed pieces. How can your company gain recognition? We spoke with two previous winning companies, Offset Alpine Printing and Bolger Vision Beyond Print, about how they found success.

    Show Your Customers the Value of Your Work


  • 04/22/2013

    We know that a printing organization needs far much more to operate successfully than just printing equipment. It also needs people with creative, business-savvy minds to sell the products. You may not know that Printing Industries of America offers many resources, like great publications, that go beyond technical printing aspects. A number of these resources are tailored specifically toward Sales and Marketing professionals to help integrate print and new media and grow their profit potential.

    If you have not discovered the group yet, look to Sales and Marketing Executives (S&ME). Through S&ME, you will find plenty of resources to promote, connect, and learn.  

    Join our Updated Networking Listserv

    Will my idea sell? If you have ever wanted to pick some of the creative minds out there, join the Sales and Marketing Executive listserv. We have revamped the system, so it is easier to network with peers. Just...

  • 03/25/2013

    The printing industry is constantly facing challenges regarding its place in messaging, its environmental impact, and its future. As recently as January of this year, Google launched a campaign to “Go Paperless in 2013,” and who can forget Toshiba’s ill-fated “National No Print Day,” announced in the summer of 2012? Both campaigns encouraged switching from paper to electronic communications as a means of protecting the environment. These are only two of the most recent cases. With industry giants making false claims about print, it became clear we needed to fight back.

    Printing Industries of America created the Value of Print campaign in March 2012 as a response to false claims about print’s negative impact on the environment and the loss of its effectiveness. This campaign has served as a resource for the industry to spread the...