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  • 04/19/2012 by Ms Mary L. Garnett

    Energetic conversations, brief comments, some confusion, and plenty of ideas are exchanged in networking groups and office cooler conversations daily. Virtual gatherings with Twitter chats create the same experience, and, in some ways, are even better. You stay in your office, read the comments, and meet people with passion for the industry who reside all over the country. Meet “PrintChat,” an industry Twitter Chat.

    This week marked a milestone—the original host, Quad/Graphics, passed the hosting baton to PrintMediaCentr ( For over a year, Quad/Graphics has hosted PrintChat on Wednesdays and has done a terrific job introducing many of us to the value and fun of a TwitterChat.  Topics change, participation fluctuates, people who have never met make acquaintances and chat. The experience can be odd the first few times. I just watched and became amazed that out of 140 character comments, an actual...

  • 04/02/2012 by Ms Mary L. Garnett

    Cash mobs are the latest trend in “mobbing” on social media.  A cash mob is a positive experience according to people who have been “mobbed.”  In a cash mob the purpose is to support local small businesses by showing up and spending at least $20; meet three new people; and have fun.  So far cities around the world have been involved.  Andrew Samtoy, an attorney, kicked off cash mobs after being exposed to the summer riots in Britain last year where mobs were vandalizing stores and communicating the plan through social media. He wanted to try something positive that would introduce people to a small businesses with limited marketing reach.   There is a blog   about the cash mobs as well as many news reports.  See    So far, the owners, who are notified and must agree, are pleased with the results.  Cleveland Ohio...

  • 02/17/2012 by Ms Mary L. Garnett

      A childhood friend, Janie, and I exchanged metal bandage boxes when we were six years old.  What does that have to do with Pinterest?  Stay with me, please.  We exchanged the metal   boxes filled with “goodies” that we liked to share. My box might contain glittered fabric, a Cracker Jack toy, a picture of a pretty doll from the Sears Toy Catalog etc. (Yes, I am dating myself.)  Janie’s  box might contain a plastic purse for Barbie, a picture of a Lego set etc.  The boxes evolved into scrapbooks, then charm bracelets and as adults—magazine clippings, photo albums, and scrapbooks.  Get it? 

    Kids, aging kids and I like to show “mine” if you show “yours.” So now we have a very sophisticated “show me” tool called Pinterest.  When 11 million unique visitors visit a site, you know that it is meeting some basic need…the “show me” need.  People have a lot of time on their hands since Business Insider...

  • 02/01/2012 by Ms Mary L. Garnett

    Today a WSJ article grabbed my attention, it described a new e-valentine service called Paperless Post .  See  With an estimate of 150 million paper valentines, the e-valentines are now available to impact the second largest card holiday in theUS.  The article raves about the ability to create a “paper-like experience.” I checked out the quality of the visuals on the site—very nice.  A few YouTube videos, demo how to use the site to create the cards for free. The Hirschfeld founders raised more than $6 million from angel investors to start this venture.  In December 2011, over six million pieces were sent.  There is both free e-cards and pay e-cards.  The average cost for a card is 19 cents, up from 13 cents last year. No postage is involved and the card is personalized.  Good margins if you can get them!  Is there any good news in the encroachment of another area of the card printing...

  • 01/31/2012 by Ms Mary L. Garnett

    Guy Kawasaki is a well-known authority in the tech world and author of numerous columns, articles and especially .  So picking up Enchantment was a no brainer for me.  The book impressed me with its common sense suggestions as well as good tips & tricks for email and Facebook marketing. The cover design contest also was appealing and I may try to duplicate the process.  The entire concept of “enchantment” is described as a process and not an event.  Reading the book is an event; following the suggestions will be a process to try!  Let me know if you have a good book to recommend.  Here is my complete review.


  • 01/23/2012 by Ms Mary L. Garnett

    Ghost writers for blog posts and Twitter accounts are common for busy figures, particularly celebrities. There are a lot of busy figures who don't have ghost writers too--look at the goofy antics in the news! A Wired article had a facinating interview with a ghost tweeter writer, Annie Colbert. see  

    Colbert’s clients include starlets, sports icons, and authors and, according to the article, even one of my favorites, Guy Kawasaki, author of business books and a noted Apple evangelist. Guy has made his name in many areas in the tech field, I was not surprised but a bit disappointed to hear he has a ghost writer but I still enjoy his thinking and his advice is spot on.

    What was more interesting in the article was the method of payment and how Colbert strategizes to create the voice of the client, notes who to follow, and who is following her client. She charges an unknown flat fee...

  • 09/02/2011 by Ms Mary L. Garnett

    Remember when you would receive $50 for listening to a vacation timeshare pitch?  Later it became a vacation club pitch?  Remember when the $50 soared to $100?  Well now the approach is changing.  First of all, I received the pitch through the mail.  This I loved since at least a stamp was involved and the USPS would earn a few cents toward their financial woes (another story!). 

    OK, so here is the pitch:  I am being offered a Google Tablet with the Android Software AND $100 restaurant gift card if I meet certain qualifications AND attend a 1.5 hour program being held locally.  Of course I have only 72 hours to respond....starting when?  I can't tell.  Anyway, as mentioned above, the giveaway is for sitting through a vacation club pitch and meeting certain qualifications; in other words, so I could actually pay for the offer. 

    Lastly, on the return address, Google's name is placed on the corner--as if...

  • 08/26/2011 by Ms Mary L. Garnett

    I love to watch for the new entries in the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.  It usually reminds me of my cultural awareness (or lack of awareness).  Of the nine new words added, only one was unfamiliar—parkour which “is the sport of traversing environmental obstacles by running, climbing or leaping rapidly and efficiently.” (My kids were doing that decades ago but I thought it was just playing outside.)  Now I know! The other words were: boomerang child, bromance, crowdsourcing, fist bump, helicopter parent  robocall and tweet.  See the full article

  • 08/25/2011 by Ms Mary L. Garnett

    At a Printing Industry staff meeting in Pennsylvania on Tuesday August 23, the earthquake shook the building for a few long seconds.  As most people recounted, the tremor was fast and not much happened even while buildings in DC and other places were evacuated for safety and security reasons.  We later learned that the quake made Virginian history as the epicenter while it was felt in a dozen states and several provinces in Canada. Damage was recorded; but in light of huge devastation in other earthquake sites, I will not discuss the damages associated with the earthquake. 

    But a different kind of history was made in the Internet realm.  Only eight minutes passed before the 2011 Virginia earthquake was written up in Wikipedia. That is amazing!   Here is the Washington Post article talking about this and the people involved.   According to the WP article, over 80K people viewed it at...

  • 08/04/2011 by Ms Mary L. Garnett

    This is a serious decision … sort of.  My usual check on the Social Media Field Guide RRS feed or my Inbox (not sure which … it may have been both) led me to discover free content from Hubspot and David Meerman Scott who is now the marketer in residence for Hubspot. First, I find Hubspot a terrific example of content development & distribution marketing and I have enjoyed all the Meerman Scott ebooks/books. So to discover the two are working together, I knew I was on to something good to review; and, better yet, learn more on marketing.

    Then I received a Tweet about the Old Spice Guy vs Fabio ad campaign. Now, I was in a quandary … which should I check out first? (Full disclosure: I find Mustafa definitely cool but feel guilty checking out his videos on the job!) The Old Spice Guy ad campaign example has been used in Julie Shaffer’s and my book, Social Media Field Guide, so I am compelled to do an update on anything happening with Mustafa (p. 20 in...