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  • 02/14/2012 by Ms Lisa Erdner

    Printing Consistent Color

    More and more printers are implementing the G7® specification and color management while profiling their monitors, proofing devices, and printing presses. There is no doubt that this process works, providing accurate, predictable color from proof to press. What should not be overlooked, however, is the notion of maintaining consistent color balance throughout the pressrun. Have you ever had a customer fan out a job, revealing that the colors don’t match from sheet to sheet (as close as possible) to the last sheet of a pressrun?

    Maintaining consistent color throughout a pressrun is a difficult task. The press operator must maintain a multitude of print variables at any given time; things like ink density, dot gain, gray balance, and print contrast, to name just a few. More often than not, these jobs are being printed on less-than-desirable paper stock, further complicating the process.

    The ability to maintain consistent...

  • 02/13/2012 by Ms Lisa Erdner

    The LPIA Technical Institute has one mission—to provide a world-class experience that surpasses any other like it in the label converting, packaging, top-sheet, and product decoration industry. This year, we will feature two state-of-the art venues that will expertly cover the latest technological advances and end-to-end production and workflow solutions. This is not your typical “stand and deliver” program, but a mixture of industry-related experts who will deliver content that is then supported by application showcases and innovative technology demonstrations firsthand.

     The HP Experience Center is “your center, your success!” This center is tailored to ensure a truly world-class experience that’s all about you. The HP Experience Center is focused on providing valuable insight on digital printing technologies and workflows that provide higher-impact solutions for their customer needs...