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  • 06/09/2011 by Mr Justin Goldstein

    The Binding Industries Association (BIA) Conference took place on OrlandoMay 23-25 for its largest event in more than five years. With a theme of “Make the Connection,” companies were able to experience significant networking opportunities. This was the definitive event for the binding, graphic finishing, and custom loose-leaf manufacturing.

    Attendees from all over the country gathered to meet with peers and talk openly about important business issues, strategy, and hear practical tips that would help their companies.  

    The conference opened with a fantastic keynote session titled No Excuse! Incorporating Core Values, Accountability and Balance into Your Life and Career. This session gave attendees a better understanding of the importance of consistency in behavior, decisiveness, and personal honesty. The speaker, Jay Rifenbary, emphasized how this could help employees’ productivity and efficiency.

    Attendees also...