Troubleshoot, Control, Optimize

Troubleshoot, Control, and Optimize. Those three words are vital to running a successful printing operation. Without an educated workforce, your press crew may be practicing wasteful activities and not optimizing time and material use. With the upcoming workshop, Extreme Offset: Troubleshoot, Control, Optimize, those wasteful activities—and how to solve them—will be brought to light.

Presenters—Lloyd DeJidas, Director, Graphic Services and Facility Manager, and Greg Workman, Pressroom and Bindery Supervisor—will provide the steps to turn any pressroom into one that will increase job throughput while printing higher quality, more consistent color with less downtime, waste, and spoilage through the process of Troubleshooting, Controlling, and Optimizing.  

Attendees will learn the skills to identify root causes of printing problems and how to quickly address and fix these issues.

Acquire the skills to control print color and quality by utilizing proper tools and techniques.

Get an understanding of how to find and eliminate waste in the pressroom to enable your press’s performance, as well as confirming that it is printing at an ideal, consistent state.

Extreme Offset: Troubleshoot, Control, Optimize, will be held three times throughout the year— March 19–21; July 23–25; and November 5–7—at Printing Industries of America state-of-the-art facility outside of Pittsburgh, PA. This workshop has quickly become an industry favorite and is known to be a frequent sellout. Now is the time to make your reservations for the March event. Click on the image below to go straight to the registration page.

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