What Makes an Exceptional Leader?

“There are three kinds of leaders. Those that tell you what to do. Those that allow you to do what you want. And Lean leaders that come down to the work and help you figure it out.” – John Shook

What do you think classifies a person as an exceptional leader? One measure is that a person provides the motivation, knowledge, and tools that result in a company’s operation constantly improving. These are the individuals we want to honor with the 2013 Managing for Improvement Award. This award recognizes managers who make quality and efficiency a top priority—they are the ones making sure their employees are productive and safe and that their customers are satisfied. They inspire people and ensure that these standards are sustained.

Why should you nominate an outstanding manager for the Managing for Improvement Award?

  • The winner is recognized at the 2013 Continuous Improvement Conference*—the conference that focuses on exploring the latest innovations in Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement
  • In the ceremony the recipient receives an engraved award to display and complimentary attendance to the CI Conference as well as one night’s hotel stay
  • A news release detailing the recipient and award will be sent to industry media, media in the recipient’s community, and to industry peers
  • Recognition ad in Printing Industries of America: The Magazine

A truly outstanding manager helps a company strive for operational excellence. You can give a deserving leader, and their company, the recognition they deserve.

Read this article from David Harding’s blog, How to ID a True Leader, for more on what qualities comprise a leader. Harding is presenting “Sustaining an Empowering Culture in the Face of Personnel Changes and Acquisitions” at the 2013 Continuous Improvement Conference.

Do you have someone in mind? If so, send us their information by February 15, 2013. Click on the image to view the details on how to enter your nomination. If you have any questions, please contact Jim Workman by clicking here or visit www.printing.org/ciconference.

You can attend the 2013 Continuous Improvement Conference, April 7–10, 2013, in Indianapolis, Indiana, and learn more about the skills needed to benefit from successful Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement strategies.


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