Better Manage Your Social Media Engagement

Some people just don’t “get” social media for business. Sure, they think it’s OK to keep up with Cousin Charlie, but they just haven’t gotten a grasp on how they can use it for marketing or business growth. Facebook isn’t just for catching up with your friends, and Twitter can be more than idle chit-chat. Truth is, intelligent use of social platforms helps a company track who visits the company site, reveals what customers say about the business, showcases a company’s services, and amplifies the message of a printed piece!

You can learn more about social media at Integrated Print Forum 2012. This event will take place October 29–30 at Printing Industries of America’s headquarters in Sewickley, PA. The focus of the event will be the hottest trends today in the graphic communications industry that you need to implement into your printing business. Sessions will not only focus on social media but on topics such as, the future of digital and how print is a big part of it, the potential goldmine that is the self-publishing boom, the income potential for ePubs, driving business to your website with SEO, branding, and much more.

In its second year, Integrated Print Forum is gearing up to be the top event of the year. Renee Berger, Marketing Manager at Western States Envelope & Label, attended the event in 2011 and was so taken by the information she received—and with her experience in the graphic communications industry—she has been invited back in 2012 as a speaker. Her knowledge can help business professionals understand how important social media is for their business, brand, and profits. Here’s what she has to say about this year’s Forum:

“What a great program—I am so excited to participate! Coming from a traditional graphic design and marketing background, I understand marketing is comprised of four facets that I like to call the four Ps: Price, Product, Placement, and Promotion. How does social media fit into your picture? Could it be a fifth category all on its own? I think so. How about another P–People. Social media sits on top of the four Ps— as an ‘integrator’ of all the channels. Whether it’s a first impression, teaching someone about your product or service, or best case, having a ‘brand ally.’ Social media further supports your price model as others will affirm your brand promise. Thinking like the consumer is a valuable part of humanizing any brand, and gaining intelligence about what’s next is really important. Don't miss the opportunities to see what’s next in this excellent Integrated Print Forum–can’t wait to see you there!”

Tracking Tools for Super Sleuths: Managing Your Social Engagement, will be the session presented by Renee Berger of Western States Envelope & Label; John Foley of  Grow Socially Inc.; David Betz of SocialToaster; and Mary Garnett of Printing Industries of America. This session will provide attendees with the details on how to manage time on social media so that it is beneficial and organized. Hear how savvy companies, such as Western States Envelope & Label, are flourishing with their use of social media management tools. Learn about how to grow customer relationships with Grow Socially. Discover how to significantly increase website traffic and word-of-mouth referrals with tools like SocialToaster. Hear proven tactics from this panel of marketing and social media experts.

This session will be presented on the first day of the Forum, Monday, October 29, at 2:00 p.m. on the main stage.

Don’t forget about the other social-media-related topics being presented:

  • Retooling RFID: The New Social Media Amplifier, presented by Patrick Sweeney of ODIN Technologies: Learn how RFID (radio frequency identification) can be used for tracking and even inventory control. Hear of Sweeney’s company’s transition into new markets and why “frictionless” interaction is the next wave in the evolution of social media.

  • A Case of Mixed Medias: All Supporting Your Brand, presented by Daniel Dejan of  Sappi Fine Paper North America: Hear the top questions that every printer should be asking about integrating videos into their branding and promotional strategies—their production, cross-media components, and staffing.
  • Breaking the Ice: Social Media, eCommerce and the Power of Ink,presented byJohn Lawson of 3rd Power Outlet: Lawson explains how social media is fast becoming the savvy print business’s tool for navigating the eCommerce world and communicating with your customers on an authentic level.



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