125th Anniversary Celebration

Did you know that we'll be celebrating the association's 125th Anniversary in 2012? We'll be exploring the storied history of Printing Industries of America, which was founded in 1887 as the United Typothetae of America.We'll also be talking to employees of Printing Industries of America for their perspective on how the association has changed over the years to keep up with the evolving world of print.

We'll kick off the celebration in the new year, but if you have any memories or insight you want to share in the mean time, leave a comment on this blog. We look forward to celebrating 125 years with you!


Playing with Ink

I grew up in print. Literally. Learned to collate when I was tall enough to reach over the table. We had a print shop in our basement. As a kid this was heaven. Always paper to play with, staplers, tape, markers and yes INK! Love the smell of ink - I'm guessing it was not low VOC way back then but no matter. I loved being down there with the father and uncle listening to the presses, seeing all the varieties of paper and the wonderful ink colors - yes it was mostly black ink - but as a kid this was very cool. My favorite past time would be to grab the small ink knife and stir the inks. Take some and put in on paper and make designs. This never lasted long cause either my Dad or Uncle would catch me and say "Stop playing with the Ink" and shoo me away to go outside and play. Thanks for the memories and congratulations to the Printing Industry on 125 years.


1994 - 2012, What an amazing era in print, witnessing the change from traditional techniques, to digital. working with some of the countries finest artist in the past, to now working with some of the best electronics engineers in the buisness. The changes that have occurred and the way the industry adapts to change is amazing, the technology is mind blowing, taking the industry to places beyond our imagination.

PIA history

My father was Bernard J. Taymans ,who started out as an assistant to the General Manager of PIA, Mr. Bracket and then became General Manager in the 1950's. He provided leadership to the organization until his retirement in the 1970's. I have many memories of PIA from its location in downtown DC to its move to Chevy Chase. As a child and adolescent I had the opportunity to attend many of its conventions and meetings and through my parents knew many of the individuals who provided leadership to the organization. I congratulate the organizations in reaching its 125th year.

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